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Jordan Dooley

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Why this Tribe?

I began to notice a bit of a problem: so many girls and women in transitional seasons of life lack an empowering, inspiring, and authentic community that shares common interests and experiences. When moving to a new city, shifting from one season to another (ie singleness to marriage or marriage to children), changing career paths, it can be hard to make or find meaningful friendships... and it can feel like we have to go at it alone. 

Ever felt like that? 

Sister, you were not made to be one woman show. 

That's why I created this community. As my online platforms grew, I began to see just how much the girls who followed me shared so much in common - and how much they might like to actually get to know each other and support one another instead of just merely following me.

So, here we are. If you're looking to meet some friends with common interests, values, and near your location, I invite you to join my inner circle community.

It's completely free and I can't wait to welcome you in!

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